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This logo is part of a package design for herb seedlings that would

be sold in a POP (Point of Purchase) display at convenience stores, garden centers and home good retailers. 

Read more about the package design below.

To encourage higher sales, this logo evolved from the idea of cuteness that could appeal to a younger demographic. The sans serif typeface was custom designed with cartoonish round edges. The letter "t"  is suggestive with the leaves and roots in its form. A small sign saying "itsy bitsy" is stuck into the letter "P", mirroring

the small labels posted into the potted soil of the plants.

The seedlings are grown in small terra cotta pots and packaged in plastic casing. The open top allows access to water the plants while they are on display. There are four holes on the underside to allow for drainage in the event of excessive watering. A cardboard wrap around the sides of the plastic casing displays more information about the product, care instructions and  barcode. Each plant is identified with a labeled tag, which is stuck into the soil, similar to the sign in the logo.

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