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A new martial arts school in Tampa, Florida needed a logo representing its two instructors. 

All graphics and rights are property of Tampa Bay Bujutsu.

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Upon receiving their black belts, the two instructors were each given a unique dojo name from their sensei:

Fuki Dojo = Japanese Wind Demon
Suiton Dojo = Engulfed in Water

The reasoning for these names is private, but it is no coincidence that these two forces combined generate the power of a hurricane,
which inspired
the direction of this mark. 

The symbology in this design tie together key components:

  • Tidal wave on the left in blue for "Suiton"

  • Rolling clouds on the right in grey for "Fuki"

  • The meteorological symbol for a hurricane in red rotating the two elements on its axis

  • In the "eye" of the hurricane is an icon taken from the original mark for Ninpo US, which is the Ryukyu symbol called "Hidari Gomon".
    It was included to represent this school being a branch of Ninpo US.

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