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Pop art illustration of a Bleeding Heart, shown in three formats below:


1) color heart with thin black outline, allowing for the background to peak through the negative space, thus, creating three separate pieces.

2) color heart with extra-thick black outline, which fills in the negative and forces the elements into one unified shape.

3) stripped down to a black and white outline, using the same extra-thick outline for a unified shape.


This concept was conceived while playing Jackbox Games with friends during the Covid-19 quarantine. We were playing "Tee K-O", a t-shirt design game mixing a random combination of our digital drawings and quotes. The suggested drawing I was given  was terrible, so I randomly came up with the idea of this broken bleeding heart. It was a hit throughout the game, so I quickly sketched the design in my idea book to further develop at a later date. 

The illustrations were created through Adobe Illustrator.

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