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The Breakdown of Nepal Information Graphic is a sustainable design project which started with identifying the socio-political-economic conditions of Nepal. The objective was to propose a solution which would help improve the wellbeing of the Nepalese people.

Below is a mind map of the education system In Nepal (identifying classroom subjects, options for the wealthy vs. impoverished, average dropout ages/reasons, educational expenses and its circulatory pattern of reinforcing low educational standards).

Further studies into the education system are listed below in the 

informational poster, identifying the possible solutions and outcomes of improving education in Nepal.

The proposed project developed, Operation: Nepalese School Garden.

Objective: Utilizing school courtyards and surrounding property, install

a sustainable garden, which will function as a classroom incorporating various levels of science, math, reading, economics, and family consumer science. 

Below is a map key & blueprint for installing the garden.

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